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The Task: Product Testing
You will earn: £10
Company: Voxi (Vodafone)
Time it takes: 3 minutes

Please follow the steps below.

If you have any questions, use chat icon in the bottom right.

VOXI are a mobile SIM brand owned by Vodafone. We are working with them to provide feedback on their SIM card. 

We are paying you £15 to purchase a £10 SIM card (takes 2 minutes), and then giving you another £5 when it arrives and you fill in a quick survey (takes 1 minute). Meaning you earn £10 profit from this quick task.

The steps are explained below.


Order the SIM card

Buy the £10 (15GB) SIM card using the link below.

Don't worry! If you don't want to lay out, we will send you £10 first.

Just send us a message using that 'Chat with us' button below.

ONLY use this link, otherwise the order won't be tracked. Please clear your history/cache first to ensure a perfect tracking.


After buying the SIM card, fill in this form


Activate the SIM card

• Wait for the SIM card to arrive in the post.

• Activate it by putting it in your phone and sending us a text message.

Our number is:

07423 069 286

Text us to say:

"Hi UniTaskr

My name is...

My 16 digit code is this...."

Here is a screenshot of the active plan.


Answer these 5 questions. Takes only 1 minute.

That's it, all done 🙂

We will now send you the other £5!



Use the live chat to contact us

Department Store Studios, Brixton, London

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Ah! The famous question...

Yes, it is definitely is.

We've been partnered with Vodafone (VOXI) since 2019 and approximately 4,500 students have completed this task so far.


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