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Combine an expert student marketing agency with the World's largest network of student influencers.

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From startups to enterprises.

"SHOUT by UniTaskr holds the largest network of nano-influencers worldwide. Its reach exceeds 500 million followers."

TikTok, 2021

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Work With Influencers That Fit Your Brand

Looking for 22 year old fashion students from Leeds? No problem.







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Tracked Results

We will collate everything you need to know about the campaign and present you with a detailed report each step of the way.

73% of students

Say they would be interested in a new brand if their friends were talking about it.

Compared with 49% when it's a highly paid celebrity influencer.

Our influencer marketing strategy

Engage audiences with trusted exposure

We trust friends

Post Millennials have grown up in a time where brands are everywhere they look. They see them on buses, TV, radio, Facebook, apps, and even whilst listening to music.

It is a fact that the most cost effective marketing strategy is through peer to peer marketing.

We can reach 200 million

Peer to peer marketing can come in the form of ‘word of mouth’,  online sharing, and in the case of UniTaskr SHOUT, it is through students sharing your brand onto their own social channels. 

Our students on UniTaskr have a combined instagram following of 200 million friends. 200 million friends that listen and trust them.

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