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Kaylee, North London
@kaylee.black | 240.7K


An amazing experience!

I've been working with UniTaskr SHOUT for over a year now, and I'm loving it! I've been able to work with such great brands, and ones which much larger influencers would dream of working with. The opportunities are so good and the team at SHOUT are so friendly and they help you through every part of the campaign. The payments are every couple of days too which is a big plus for me. I hope I keep getting more chances to work with them! Thank you!!"

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Our team of influencer specialists will help you craft content that's bound to go viral.

It's what we do, day in day out, and we are pretty good at it! You will get the chance to be creative and try new things.

We'll find what works with you and your channel, and we'll make sure we nail it.


Our team will be analysing the content you put out, ensuring you have the best chance of succeeding and growing your page faster.

We work with brands of all different sizes, so you get to take part in all sorts of campaigns, from a Spotify global campaign, to a local clothing startup.


We're in this together, and will always be super transparent.

We will make sure you always get what you deserve. That may also include receiving free products from the brands!

Sometimes it's even performance based, so the better your post does, the more you earn.

Get paid within hours of doing the job

No need to wait until the end of the month. That’s not cool.

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Become a student influencer

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