A Guide To Working With Nano-Influencers

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Micro-influencers have become the rising stars of the influencer marketing industry over the past few years, as brands realise that prioritising engagement over follower count will allow them to get better returns on marketing campaign investments.

While engaging with micro-influencers will continue to be a great option for your marketing, it is also a good idea to pay attention to their smaller counterparts, the nano-influencer. Nanos have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers and might be novices, but they have much to offer.

To see why this is, imagine you have been chosen to speak as an expert at a trade show or convention. On the first day, you may give a polished presentation on your subject to a packed audience. Some people will be interested, so not so much, and of the questions asked at the end, there will not be time to answer them all.

However, on the following day, you may be giving another talk on a specific aspect of your niche. The audience is much smaller, but all attendees specifically signed up for the presentation. You are able to engage your audience better, and everyone gets their questions answered and leaves feeling they were an active participant in the conversation.

Of the two presentations, which audience is more likely to remember what you said? It’s more likely to be the second.

The first presentation to a packed auditorium is akin to being a mega-influencer, a celebrity even, while the second talk is more like being a nano-influencer. The audience may be smaller, but that is outweighed by|:

  • Attendees are genuinely interested in your content and opinion, not just a famous name.
  • They see you as a normal person on their level, not someone on a pedestal
  • They can actively communicate with you and feel included in the conversation.

This is engagement, and it is the most critical aspect to consider when choosing influencers for collaboration.

Nano-influencers may also have much lower fees or may be willing to collaborate with brands in exchange for free products or services, which is an advantage to brands with smaller marketing budgets. Nanos can also help you penetrate small niche markets.

If you’re looking for a nano influencer marketing platform, talk to us today.

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