A Guide To Influencers, From Nano To Mega

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It can be unusual to go even a day without seeing or hearing the term influencer. Social media is full of them, your favourite brands work with them, and your Gen-Z associates are simply obsessed with them. It’s clear to see that their presence and power is undeniable.

But not all influencers are created equal. If you’re wanting to find influencers for your marketing campaigns, you will need to know the difference between nano-influencers, the most popular influencer tier in the last 12 months, micro-influencers, and the mega-influencers, and what each can offer your marketing needs.

As well as being organised by the industries they serve, influencers can be sorted into tiers based on their follower numbers. There are advantages and disadvantages to each tier, depending on your goals.


Nano influencers: 1k-5k followers

Fewer followers does not equate to less influence. Nanos are ideal for promoting a local business or reaching a more niche audience.

What nano influencers can offer you is credibility, as their content is typically more organic and natural, and they cost less per post. Often gifting them your product is compensation enough.

Fewer followers does mean their reach is limited, and it is unlikely they are making a living from their social media, resulting in fewer resources to draw upon.


Micro-influencers: 5k-50k followers

Influencer Marketing Hub’s 2020 Benchmark Report states that large marketing companies used 300 per cent more micro-influencers in 2020 than they did in 2016.

The reasons for this are that micros are often considered experts in their particular field and their followers have trust in their content and voice. They are usually much more active on social media and build better relationships with their audience.

This is the ‘engagement rate’, the level of interaction between their curated and created content and their followers. Micro-influencers typically have high engagement rates, which can be converted towards your brand.

They also have the benefit of a relatively low cost per post and may agree to deals that include products or experiences, give you a budget-friendly method of boosting your brand awareness.


Mid-tier influencers: 50k-500k followers

The mid-tier influencers may not yet be household names, but they have enough draw to work with top brands in their field.

The mids may cost more per post, but they are certainly able to raise brand awareness in just a few posts. They know the work they’ve put into climbing the ranks and know their way around content creation.


Mega influencers: 500k+ followers

The megas are the superstars of their industries. They are typically working with more than one or two high-profile brands at once, and able to represent a wider range of interests. Mega influencers have a reach of potentially millions across the world.

The immediate drawbacks include much higher costs and the necessity of needing contracts drawn up. Also, their busy schedules mean you may have to adjust yours to fit in with theirs. Megas engagement rates can be quite low, and audiences do not always trust their brand of highly polished content.

To choose the best influencer for your needs, you will need to ask yourself some questions concerning your needs, your budget, and your target audience.

Influencer marketing is on the rise, and if you haven’t already used it to promote your brand, now’s the time. Get on board with a nano influencer marketing platform today.

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