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We are passionate about connecting and helping students to make extra cash and getting tasks done. As UniTaskr continues to grow, it’s important that our community follows guidelines to reflect our values and behaviour standard.

Policies for our Community Taskr’s and Posters

UniTaskr is striving to build a safe and rewarding environment for all members to use and enjoy. We ask that everyone has respect and is responsible. We work on a two strike system, so if you abuse these guidelines more than two times your profile will be deleted and blocked.

Please report any inappropriate behavior straight to help@unitaskr.com so that we can deal with any situation appropriately. If you suspect any member has violated any of these guidelines you must report it ASAP. 


  1. Tasks must be legal

To ensure a safe and secure experience for all our members, all tasks posted must be legal.

At UniTaskr we are operating a professional service which prohibits the partaking or indication of any anti-social or inappropriate behavior. Soliciting scams are also not tolerated on UniTaskr and will be removed.

  1. Prohibited items list

Tasks must not relate to weapons or unlawful activity, which may result in furtherance of a crime. Any requests relating to drugs, including prescription drugs or drug paraphernalia is prohibited. Not only may these activities have serious legal ramifications, but they are also against the spirit and values of UniTaskr.

  1. No escort or adult services

Escort, adult services and massage tasks are strictly prohibited on UniTaskr. This includes tasks or comments which are obscene or sexually explicit in any nature. Whilst we are pushing boundaries and helping to reimagine the future of employment, we draw the line here.

Tasks that require someone to be nude, topless or wear clothing like lingerie are not supported.

  • Example 4: William posted a task looking for a Taskr to model for a nude life drawing class. The task was deleted by UniTaskr as the Taskr would be required to not wear any clothes.
  1. Clear scope, time and budget required

To help get your tasks completed, it’s important that your task has a clear scope, time and budget.

  • Scope: The task description should clearly, and thoroughly, state what it is that you need done. Adding as much information as possible helps the Taskr’s understand expectations.
  • Time: Does the task need to be completed on a specific day or can it be flexible with the Taskr? If specific, mention it in the task description and set the required date.
  • Budget: Setting a fair price for the amount of time and effort required for the task is crucial. UniTaskr does not endorse under-pricing of tasks and a task may be moderated and deleted, if found to be.

If a member of the UniTaskr team decides a task is inappropriate, then they have the right to delete the task without prior warning. You will receive an automated email telling you that the task has been deleted. If you had paid for the task to be posted, then you may not receive any refund.

Please be clear with the scope of work. This helps the students to know whether they have the skills and availability to complete your task. It will also help avoid any misunderstandings about expectations along the way, saving time on both sides.

  1. Types of disallowed tasks

The UniTaskr marketplace is a task and marketplace based platform that encourages you to outsource tasks to students. However, there are a few types of tasks that are not supported, to maintain the integrity of the platform. Posting jobs that are disallowed will result in your account being immediately investigated and can lead to your account being blocked.

Fake reviews

Tasks that are deceitful in nature are not allowed. This includes but is not limited to requesting fake business reviews and social media likes.

Downloading other apps for referral points

A common task that we will remove from the platform without warning, are tasks that involve paying students to download other apps or enter referral codes on other websites, in order to earn money or referral points.

Withdrawing credit

Another task we are unable to process, and one that can result in being blocked from the app, is posting tasks and accepting them from fake accounts in order to try and withdraw referral credit. This is against the rules and any referral credit used in this way will be lost and may not be credited back to the account. Our systems can detect this behaviour easily so it’s not worth attempting it.

Coursework & Homework

You must not ask other students to complete your school work or university work. You may ask for advice, help or tutoring. This type of task will also lead to your account being investigated and you may be blocked from the platform.

There are other situations where we will remove tasks:

  • Example 1: Lucy posted a task asking Taskr’s to review her blog and leave good reviews. Lucy’s task was immediately cancelled from UniTaskr and she was told her task did not follow the Community Guidelines.

Academic activities and assignment based tasks are prohibited. This includes but is not limited to completing an assignment, test or course on someone’s behalf. If you want help with work, such as advice, tutoring, proofreading, editing, structuring, planning or referencing, then please phrase the task correctly.

  • Example 2: Annika posted a task requesting a Taskr to complete her dissertation. Annika’s task was deleted and she was contacted shortly after posting her task. 

Tasks that involve investigating or gathering information on an individual or business without their knowledge and consent are not supported. Debt collection tasks are also not supported.

Tasks that ask for someone to withdraw cash, buy gift cards, vouchers for the Poster or to send money to the Poster via methods like direct bank transfers or PayPal are not supported.

F. Publicly sharing private information

To maintain the integrity and authenticity of UniTaskr, our members are asked to only share private contact information once an offer is accepted and both student and buyer are in the private messenger.

To protect your safety and security, private contact details or 3rd party links are not allowed to be shared in any public areas of the site including any comments and attachments. This includes, but is not limited to, personal emails, phone numbers, addresses or personal websites.

Students and posters

G. Unacceptable behaviours

UniTaskr is a safe and new way for students to make extra money and gain experience, we stress that being polite and having respect for other members of the community is expected. We do not tolerate any of the following behaviors:

G.1 Harassment 


Offending other members of the community is not tolerated, actions and comments that may cause stress or put others safety at risk are strictly not allowed. This may include racism, sexism, torment, intimidation and disturbance. This also includes swaying people’s decisions in a pressurising measure influencing others. 

G.2 Illegal Behaviors

UniTaskr has a zero tolerance policy to any illegal behaviours including theft, vandalism and any unlawful activity such as the use of drugs or weapons.

G.3 Hatred and Violence

Comments or actions that promote hatred or violence against specific groups or people including any representatives of UniTaskr will not be tolerated. Racist content or behaviour to incite racism is also not permitted.

G.4 Discrimination

Purposely segregating, attacking or being derogatory towards someone will not be tolerated.

G.5 Trolling

Tasks and comments that are deemed to be trolling or inappropriate are prohibited. Comments that are considered to be off-topic or inflammatory in nature to invoke other members in the community are also not allowed

  1. Unsupported Practises

At UniTaskr we are committed to helping students and getting tasks for the public and businesses done but we require your support and help to do so. We do not support the following activities as they are detrimental to our community.

H.1 Fraudulent UniTaskr reviews

Trust is crucial on UniTaskr, therefore creating or requesting fraudulent reviews for your UniTaskr profile is not supported. This two-way system holds everyone accountable for their own actions and behaviours. Maintaining our integrity, authenticity, honesty and transparency is critical to our UniTaskr community. 

H.2 Discussion forum

UniTaskr is a marketplace for outsourcing short-term tasks and not a forum for discussions. Members of the community have mentioned that they use the UniTaskr platform to get things done and don’t like reading through comments that aren’t helpful for their task. 

Comments that don’t ask for or give more information about an offer or the task are considered off-topic. Taskr’s should only comment to ask for more task information or to clarify their own offer. 


Here at UniTaskr we want to make a very clear understanding of rules about pricing and payment as we strive to make this a trustworthy and rewarding community where students and posters remain using.

4.1 No partial payments

The budget you set for your task and any offers that Taskr’s make should be for the full scope of the task. When you accept an offer, that is the final amount that you’re obligated to pay and there are no additional fees. Tasks offering partial payment, including sales and commission based tasks, are not permitted and will be moderated and/or removed.


4.2 UniTaskr Payment 

Cash payments are not supported on the UniTaskr platform. When an offer is accepted 10% of the funds for the task are debited from a credit/debit Mastercard or VISA card. This is kept safe by UniTaske, and the remaining 90% is paid by the poster after the task is complete. We then send the student the money for the task, minus our 10% commission. Money is normally received in the students bank account within 24hrs of the task being complete.

Taskr’s and posters should be transparent about their costs/offers. Negotiation of external payment outside of the above exceptions is not supported.

  • Example 3: Tom was assigned to complete Bob’s dog walking task. When Tom arrived at Bob’s location, he told Bob that he needed additional payment for his labour, as the payment on UniTaskr was simply a deposit. This is not supported and UniTaskr can help Bob cancel the task and have their payment returned.

5. Accountability for task outcomes

When you accept a Taskr’s offer on your task, you and the Taskr remain accountable for your behaviour on the UniTaskr platform and the outcome of the task.

Your responsibilities include:

  • 5.1.The experience you provide for other members. Posters must not repetitively provide poor experiences for other members of the UniTaskr Community. We remind you that where UniTaskr receives reports that you have breached any of these Guidelines, we may take action to remove any content, or cancel or suspend your account and/or any task contracts.


6. Account eligibility

We know you’re eager to set up an account and get started on UniTaskr, but we need to make sure you qualify for the below:

  • 6.1 16 years or older. All members of the UniTaskr community must be 16 years or older. UniTaskr reserves the right to request proof of age should this be necessary.

7. Account administration

Now that you understand a little more about UniTaskr, we have some important information regarding accounts.

  • 7.1 No account transfers
    Your account is your responsibility and you must maintain control of it. It must not be transferred to another person as your account and reviews reflect your skills and abilities.
  • 7.2 No duplicate accounts
    Members may only have a single, active account on the platform. As your account reflects your reputation in the marketplace and represents your skills and abilities, any duplicate accounts attempting to disguise a member’s history, will be removed immediately. This means that all content posted by additional accounts will be removed and any associated task contracts will be cancelled.
  • 7.3 Cooperating with other members for the UniTaskr Community and UniTaskr Staff
    Where members of the UniTaskr Community or UniTaskr Staff reach out to request information, both Posters and Taskr’s are required to respond within a reasonable timeframe

8. Prize Draws

  • Each month, UniTaskr runs a draw to give away prizes to the community of students. Students build up their points by completing actions within the app. These currently include:

Completing a task – 25 points

Complete a SHOUT task – 25 points

Uploading a service to the marketplace (and getting it approved) – 15 points

Refer a friend – 5 points

Verify you’re a student – 10 points

Add a profile photo – 5 points

Add a CV to your profile – 50 points

Checking in to the app each day – 5 points

5 points = 1 entry in the prize draw.

So if you accumulate 100 points, you get 20 entries into the prize draw.

  • The prizes for July 2022 are:

Trip to Spain for 2 – The winner of this prize can choose a package holiday up to the price of £350 from a website that UniTaskr select at the time of winning.

Amazon Alexa Echo Dot – Worth £34.99

Sony Headphones WH-CH510 –  Worth £34.99

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) Space Grey Aluminium Case – Worth £178.00 

The prizes for August 2022 will be:

Amazon Alexa Echo Dot – Worth £34.99

Sony Headphones WH-CH510 –  Worth £34.99

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS, 38mm) Space Grey Aluminium Case – Worth £178.00

£100 Cash

We select students at random, and alert them via a push notification. If you have won and not received the notification, please reach out to us via Instagram on the @unitaskr account.

Winners may request the cash instead of the prize.

9. Identity on UniTaskr

UniTaskr is committed to building a community platform that is a positive and safe environment for all. This commitment is grounded in the principles of transparency and respect. To help foster trust in the community, all members are required to have a profile photo and name that accurately identifies them.

Fake/ miscellaneous photos & names are not permitted on the UniTaskr platform. Members that do not have an accurate profile photo or name that meets UniTaskr standards will be asked to change their details and removed if they do not cooperate. 

UniTaskr profile standards

  • 8.1 Name Your real name as confirmed by your identification documents (passport, drivers licence etc).
  • 8.2 Profile photo
    A clear front-on profile photo of a members face, so it’s easily recognisable by other members.


5. Accountability and your reputation

You remain accountable for both your behaviour on the UniTaskr platform and the provision and outcome of each task you are assigned to. Your responsibilities include:

  • 5.1 Fulfilment of task requirements
    Taskr’s are expected to provide the services as agreed with the Poster.
  • 5.2 For tasks completed in-person, you must attend to check that the task requirements are met and photo evidence is provided.
  • 5.3 The experience you provide for other members
    Taskr’s must not repetitively provide poor experiences for other members of the UniTaskr Community.
    We remind you that where UniTaskr receives reports that you have breached any of these Guidelines, we may take action to remove any content, or cancel or suspend your account and/or any task contracts.
  • 5.4 Influencer (SHOUT) Reporting – For SHOUT tasks, you will be asked to enter your insights prior to marking the task complete and requesting payment. Failure to add accurate results will result in immediate termination of both your UniTaskr account and your presence on the UniTaskr SHOUT network. 10% of assigned students on each campaign will be selected at random to provide evidence. Please only provide evidence to official members of the UniTaskr team when requested. Failure to do so may also result in immediate termination of both your UniTaskr account and your presence on the UniTaskr SHOUT network.


We solely believe in giving students the opportunity that others won’t. We are a student task based platform and we are dedicated to connecting students’ skills with the businesses and households who need tasks done.

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