How Has Social Distancing Affected Influencer Marketing?

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The pandemic and resulting lockdown have forced the shelving of all events, travel, and professional photoshoots but the latest data has shown that the use of social media is soaring. So how has influencer marketing adapted to the constraints of the pandemic?

As marketing budgets have been slashed, brands have had to rethink how they employ the use of influencers, but according to a report on social media marketing by Socialbakers, more brands are benefiting from working with micro- and nano-influencers, reports Sourcing Journal.

How can influencer marketing assist brands is staying connected with their consumers during social distancing?

The rise of social media use means the influencer market is in a position of strength during the current climate, as more of us are spending more time at home using social media to keep connected, informed, and entertained.

Latest UKOM data shows that time spent on social platforms rocketed by 28 per cent between January and April, with people spending on average five hours more using the services.

Similar data has come from Gleam Solutions, who report a 35-60 per cent increase in internet traffic, and a massive 300 per cent increase in the use of Instagram Live throughout the lockdown.

This gives influencers a unique position to bring communities together around a common purpose, such as coping with lockdown and spending more time at home, which provides a sense of togetherness and a distraction from the everyday realities we face, and a human connection to the brands they promote.

Influencers have adapted quickly to producing and distributing more content from their homes, which means they can provide crowd-sourced insights and feedback from the post comments and interactions with followers – a very powerful tool for brands to grasp consumer sentiment quickly.

If you want to find the benefits of a nano-influencer marketing platform, come and chat with us today!

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