Social Media Influencers To Help Stop Spread Of Coronavirus

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Politicians, medical professionals and any other key workers are obviously the most essential players in controlling the coronavirus pandemic, but others are also trying to do their bit to limit the spread of the fatal illness – including social media influencers.

More specifically, many businesses have decided to use their social media accounts for good by promoting hygiene practices, such as thorough handwashing, and social distancing.

Over 450 company leaders, public figures and investors have agreed to help stop the spread of coronavirus across the USA, Business Insider recently reported.

They intend to do this by “creating social influence in a positive way”, chief executive officer of Guild Education Rachel Carlson said.

Wanting to protect those who cannot work from home and have to keep interacting with the public during this risky period has been the motivation for trying to influence social media followers with the hashtags #StoptheSpread and #StayatHome.

Ms Carlson stated: “The best thing we can all do for that workforce is to stay home.”

While the UK has taken action and is currently on lockdown, there is no national enforcement in the US, with each state having its own rules on whether to implement lockdown or not.

This has, undoubtedly, confused many Americans, which is why social media influence is a crucial way to spread the word that staying at home is critical in controlling this pandemic.

The letter said: “We’ve sent college kids home but New York bars are packed; we are working from home, but malls and resorts are full; while our health care leaders are encouraging the avoidance of group events, too many are still showing up: 14,000 fans attended a concert at the Pepsie Center in Denver on Thursday.”

An article in Talking Influence noted that consumers, rather than brands, have been inspiring and encouraging people to be responsible on social media recently.

It stated: “Brands are missing an opportunity to join the conversation to strengthen their bond with consumers through being present when they’re needed most.”

Many are worried doing so would come across as self-serving during this challenging time, but it could also help the public “find strength and joy in a hard situation”, such as by promoting a fitness service that could be streamed.

Using influencer marketing could also work particularly well at the moment, as they “mirror your customers’ needs, wants and – frankly, these days – fears [which] proves necessary in times of crisis”.

Social media influencers are excellent at adding personality to a brand, giving the company a human face. Right now, people need to connect with others more than ever, especially as they are not allowed to see their friends and family in person and are relying on their social networks as a source of communication and interaction, as well as to provide fresh content.

The article stated that by tapping into social media advertising in an authentic way, this would show potential customers “their values run deeper than top-line profits”, particularly by promoting responsible behaviours like social distancing.

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