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Us students always seem to have our budgeting hat on (or at least we like to think we do!).

Here’s a fun fact for you, those of you who have an Instagram following of 500 or more are actually classed as Social Media Influencers, quite the fancy title and those of you who follow celebrities on Instagram will be aware of sponsored posts. UniTaskr’s new offering SHOUT!”  has been created to put the power back into students hands, with the mentality that anyone can be an influencer, so why not you? SHOUT will allow you to earn a quick fiver from time to time sharing a range of cool brands on your stories. Yes, it really is that simple! 

Now here are some amazing things one crisp five pound note can get you:

1. Catch a Film: 2019 has been a huge year for film which box office hits such as “Avengers: Endgame”, “The Lion King” and even “Dora: The Lost City of Gold” for those of you who fancy a nostalgic hit. Well certain Vue Cinema venues offer an any movie, any time for 4.99 deal which is available in select cinemas and if those of you who aren’t lucky enough to have one nearby they even offer a Super Monday where you can get that offer with a unique code from their site!

2. Get 2 for 5£ in Wetherspoons: Wetherspoons (Also known as the holy grail of Ale) has a special offering on their menu which can sometimes go unseen. You can get yourself two alcoholic beverages for a grand sweeping total of just 5£. Need not worry either, there’s a HUGE selection to choose from whether you’re a Kopparberg gal or a Vodka and Monster mosher you can grab yourself a quick one at your nearest Wetherspoons.

3. Get a Toni & Guy trim: This one is slightly more location specific but if you find yourself in Manchester or London this is a must have! Toni & Guy offer a 5£ trim to anyone who is willing to have their haircut by a trainee but with their prestigious academy students you’re in safe hands! You can book an appointment here: https://toniandguy.com/education/model-for-us

4. Donate it!: Those of you who are feeling a bit charitable can even donate a quick fiver to a charity of your choosing with many huge campaigns running at the minute such as Stand Up For Cancer.

5. Sign up to a Music Streaming service: Music is quintessential to those of you who have long journeys ahead of you. Many streaming services nowadays offer great value for students such as Spotify who offer 3 months free then each following month at £4.99 or those of you with an Apple device can get their service “Apple Music” for free for the first 6 months and then get the remaining months for half price. So for those you music savvy’s this seems like a must have!

Are you interested? I knew you would be, now here is how to get started on your Social Media influencer journey!

  1. Visit: http://www.unitaskr.com/shouters and apply.
  2. You will need to have a UniTaskr account to apply for SHOUT tasks.
  3. Await further instruction from the SHOUT team.

It really is that simple. We are constantly working to bring in more SHOUT tasks, with some pretty exciting brands coming up soon.

Written by Owen Purcell

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