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There will come a time within the first few months of student life, usually around the twelfth sip of your ‘cheapest pint please’ Amstel, when the sad fact must be accepted that yes, you’re probably going to need to start earning some extra Dosh.

But what if there was a way for you to earn some extra money, whilst watching seven episodes of Westworld and blowing half of your loan on an ironically hideous velour tracksuit?Unfortunately, student jobs are typically famous for their long hours, low wages, and a commute that can make the Megabus feel like a Rolls Royce. But it seems like everything costs money these days – scrolling through Amazon Prime on an evening off feels a lot less enticing when you know The Office US is now costing you a whole hour’s wage.

OhMyDosh! is a handy cashback website launched in February 2018, and is designed to allow for just that. With over 450,000 members across the UK, it’s a concept that has certainly proven popular – with an ever-increasing network of students recognising its user-friendly and trustworthy service.

Spread across three offices in the heart of Kent, it is a growing business dedicated to delivering a way to make money online at minimum effort; for maximum earnings.

It’s free to sign up, and once your account has been created, you can select an offer from the wide range of website categories given. By clicking on their content, whether advertisements or even just scrolling through Boohoo, you’ll earn money quickly, safely, and more importantly, from the comfort of your own bed.

Widely accessible across a variety of platforms including PCs, tablets and smartphones, you can fit this new ‘workload’ neatly around a schedule of library sessions/weekend benders. Hungover? Who cares! You’ll open your macbook like a champ.

Of course, nobody wants to spend hours clicking through pop-up ads, so OhMyDosh’s exciting deals ensure that you’re not stuck filling in surveys or gambling with computer viruses, and can instead make money from sites you’d be using anyway. Their impressive portfolio includes Apple Music; PrettyLittleThing; MyProtein; Amazon Prime; and many more!

You can withdraw funds at a minimum of £10 at any time, but can also earn far more than that should you wish. There’s no limit on earnings and no time slot for emptying your account. OhMyDosh’s excellent security system means that all your details are safe and secure, and your personal details will only be taken once you’re ready to withdraw.

Plus, whilst most cash back/rewards sites are known for taking weeks to pay up, if at all, unique ‘lightning deals’ packages mean that users will be receive payment in no more than three days – meaning pay day is never far away.

But I’ve got to get an £8 gig ticket for tonight and I can’t afford it – how long will it take me to make £10? Some deals are worth more than others, but there are plenty with which you can expect to earn more than £10 in one click- so don’t feel you need to dedicate all of your precious reading week to sitting at your Acer desperately flicking through Confused.com. At OhMyDosh!, there’s no such thing as a minimum wage; you earn at your own pace.

So next time you’re stranded at the bus stop 70p short and a Lidl bag that’s getting dangerously close to snapping- don’t panic. Log onto your smartphone, read a couple of articles, and earn some easy cash with OhMyDosh!

Written by Helena Young (Resident UniBlogger)

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