Staying Friends With People Who Live Miles Away

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Keeping in touch with people when you live far away from each other can be complicated but with texting, FaceTime and social media surely it should be easier than ever… So, whether it’s your BFF’s, your boo or your favourite cousin, can long distance really work?

Balancing it all can be a tricky field to navigate between everyone’s work schedules, education, driving lessons, going to the gym, relationships, family, sleeping, eating, breathing! It’s easy to feel overworked, overbooked, overlooked, perhaps you feel as though you’re missing out or that new things are just taking priority. But it doesn’t have to be that way. One of the most important things to remember is that everyone is busy and we all have other commitments. So, plan ahead if you want to make it work.

Think about upcoming dates you have free and start to organise different catch ups with people. It can be anything. A quick lunch, a walk, studying together, a night out, or even a trip. A few days away can make up for lots of lost time. It could even become something you do every year. Now that may sound a little expensive but there are so many deals for cheap city breaks you are bound to find something perfectly within your price range. What better excuse to get away from reality for a little while.

If jetting off together doesn’t work for you why not just meet in the middle. A lot of people might come and visit you for the weekend and then it’s your turn to go and see them. That’s great, some quality time, show them your favourite spots, hang out, but there is a much easier option. Find a city that’s more convenient for you both to get to. Somewhere you can go just for a day. It’s something different for both of you, cheaper and quicker, everyone wins!

Social media. Ahh social media. Picture perfect lives and self-deprecating tweets. People can become very lazy staying in contact because you already know what everyone is up to, or at least you think you do. But don’t be fooled… social media is just one very small part of people’s lives. Don’t use it as the be all and end all. Turn it into a useful tool. When people are posting a snap of their insta ready brunch or videoing their drunk friends on a night out don’t just watch them and move onto to the next, actually message them – see where they are and what they’re up to. Keep the conversation going and remember to communicate. Just following people isn’t enough because inevitably you will start to drift. Pick up the phone, answer the facetime, keep the snap streak going, it will really make a difference.

Now if we’re talking about a group rather than a duo that can be really hard. Sometimes you will just have to accept that you are not ALL going to be available at the same time. So rather than waiting and waiting for one day all together organise lots of little meet ups. Invite everyone and whoever is free goes. So easy! Yes, you might have some serious FOMO now and again but seeing a few people or even the majority more regularly is definitely better than getting the whole gang together just once or twice a year.

No matter how far apart you are or how much time you spend away if you are true friends or real soulmates distance will only make the heart grow fonder, right?


Written by: Ollie J

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