Deliberating bill deals? The Bunch is the solution for you.

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Here at UniDosh we believe in saving costs and pocket burns to students- therefore we decided to chat with a fellow startup The Bunch, after hearing that their impetus for setting up their service derived from their own resentment of how frustrating, time consuming and complicated bill splitting was. This is an experience which they wish to change, focussing on soaking up the pain of such a tangled ordeal by providing a clear, organised and systematically reliable service that groups together all your household bills into one simple monthly or termly payment. The Bunch is a service which can be used by students living in any sized (from 2 upwards) shared housing to conveniently do the job of splitting the bills for you and saving those awkward first week bickers and money complications. All they ask is that you sign up before you move into your new home. The reason for this is for both parties’ convenience, as WiFi installation can take a while around July when students move in as well as energy suppliers taking up to 3 weeks to change over..

A few of the many services ‘The Bunch’ offer…

As a service, they work by providing the lowest costing gas and electricity services as well as seek to cater for TV licenses and Sky packages. The specifics of what you need for your house will furthermore be tailored specifically for you. They believe the best of their service extends beyond the set up; their WhatsApp customer support ensures you’ll never be left in the dark and someone will be around at the send of a message to help you with any questions. When it comes to matters to do with your home, they believe the long waits experienced with emailing can wait! The Bunch provide instant responses which is why they have this impressive and upgraded feature. Another innovative approach coming with their new app is a feature which allows you to update your metre readings so that you can get an instant response on how much energy you have used and how much you have left for that month- from experience, this will save you colossal amounts of time on the phone to gas and electricity suppliers to confirm this for you. You as a tenant, are also only liable for your portion of the bill, this is the most convenient part- gone are the days of mid-term squabbles with your housemates as you try chasing the four quid you’re owed for WiFi! They also accept cards from foreign bank accounts as the intermediary system of Stripe is used, a secure and reliable universal banking system.

We’re sure you will love this fresh and revolutionising service and that’s why you’re hearing it from us first! Their product has no hidden costs and the details of the package are made crystal clear before the sign up. For added peace of mind however, you are free to cancel your membership before the first 14 days. The Bunch is a new and ever-growing service looking to constantly improve itself, that’s why they promise to bring exclusive discounts and perks to their customers throughout the year. As well as this they have incredible offers such as a free upgrade to 350 MB WiFi, £50 off your bills as a house as well as a free sign-up, saving you £14.99 if you sign up in June! Go on, get your summer off to a seamless and carefree start by heading over to The Bunch and getting on board with their vision of simple and organised bill negotiation.

Written by Kate Robinson

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